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In Puttaparthi, the abode of SAI BABA and a pious town 150 kms from Bangalore city, Dr. Rao’s Ayurveda & Yoga Centre was started on 21-10-1996 By Nadakuduru Om Sai Ayurveda Society (Regd.). The organization’s aims and objectives are:

1.To spread over/to propagate the healing art for establishing the World Health & Peace aiming at making the life as the perfect instrument to achieve the ultimate goal of every individual the ‘MOKSHA’ (moha-kshya) Salvation; by establishing Hospitals for Ragadi Roga Nirmulana i.e., eradication of disease.

2. To explore/ Research/ Practise and propagate the Ayurvedic System and Yoga which insist in holistic approach leading to total immunization of the system, prophylaxis of the disease, cure and maintenance of health of body, mind & soul.

3. To function purely as nonpolitical organization serving the people in the area of health without prejudice to their Nationality, Religion Cast, Creed or Sex.

4. To promote integration on the concept of VASUDHAIKA KUTUMBAM (Universal family)

Yoga meetings are conducted regularly in the center, which will be helpful for spiritual advancement besides physical well being and up keep.

The participants experience the concept of “Universal family” with mutual love and compassion.

Puttaparthi has good weather with temperatures between 18 to 32 degrees centigrade except from mid April to mid June when summer is severe. This Hospital does not function then.

Sri Sai Dhanvantri Complex

Acquired and blent with Ayurveda by virtue of traditional inheritance, Dr. Rao’s sons N.B.R.Prasad, P.V.N.Sarma and N.L.R.Manohar assist their father with rare abilities of technical skill and managerial talents in their capacity as Directors of Nadakuduru Sai Ayurveda Hospitals (p) ltd.

Dr. Rao's Building

Dr. Rao's Consultation Room

Nadakuduru Sai Ayurveda Hospitals (p) ltd.  is fully equipped to do all types of Ayurvedic treatments. Panchakarma, Rasayana, Vajikarana (Rejuvenation), Manasika Rogas (Psychosomatic), Neurological treatments etc. by Ayurveda are a specialty.

The patients who are undergoing long-term treatment are provided with accommodation and food in the Hospital premises itself. Cleansing treatment by Panchakarma is done for various periods of duration depending upon the individual cases.

The Cost of treatment including food and accommodation for a month would be approximately Rs.45, 000/- to 50,000/-  (US $ 600 to 700). Base price of Room Rent starts at Rs.300/- (Single Bed) Per Day and Rs. 500 to 1000 for Deluxe Rooms (Double Bed).

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Dr. RAO’S AYURVEDA & YOGA CENTER Sri Sai Dhanavantri Complex, Ayurved Marg,Behind Post Office, PRASANTHINILAYAM -515134. (AP) INDIA.
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Phone : 9440336573, 9618819276, +917013112107

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