Dr. Rao's Biodata

Name Nadakuduru Venkata Ratna Sambasiva Rao (Dr. Rao)
Age 96 years on 16th June 2020
Wife Late Srimathy. Lalitha Parameswari
Age 89 years (Expired on 31.12.2017)
Address Dr. Rao’s Ayurveda and Yoga Centre, Ayurveda Marg, PUTAPARTI-515 134, South India.
Qualification L. I. M (Licentiate in Integrated Medicine) experienced in treating ailments by Yoga therapy, Naturopathy besides Allopathy and Ayurvedic systems of medicine.
Medical Practice After finishing the studies in the school of Integrated medicine, Kilpauk, Madras I opened “National Synthetic Clinic” in 1945 at Saidapet, Madras, the metropolitan city of the state and was doing private practice. Mahathma Gandhi visited Madras during that period. In one of the prayer meetings Bapuji called up the doctors to go to villages and work because medical care was lacking there. I responded and wound up my practice in Madras in 1949. By now it was our own National Government. Instead of doing private practice and take money from the poor villagers for the treatment rendered to them, I joined as a doctor in Rural Medical Relief Scheme subsidized by the Government and worked as RMP up to 5-8-1958. I had to join as a medical officer in L. F. Regular Dispensaries and worked as such from 6-8-1958 to 28-2-1979. In total I worked for 30 years in the medical department of A. P. Government and served in rural areas.
Service to the colleagues and comrades in the profession I was the founder of the Andhra State Rural Medical Practitioners Association and worked as its secretary. I was the general secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Medical Employees Association until my retirement. I was an active member of A. P. L. I. M. Association and N. M. A until my retirement from Government Service.
Social Service Activities I organized temperance movement and helped several addicts to give up drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and drugs. In appreciation of it I was rewarded by A. P. Government on 26-1-1959 during the Republic day celebrations conducted on the Police Parade ground at Guntur. This activity is carried on by me now too, and many addicts are getting benefitted by giving up such vices. In memory of my late son Srikrishna Deva Rayalu who expired in a road accident on 1-1-1984, I conducted free health centres at Visakapatnam and Vijayavada besides donating Rs. 37,000/- in 1984 towards the cost of construction of one room in Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Visakapatnam.
Independence Movement; Participation in Sathyagraha movement as a fighter in defence of Truth While I was a student in Madras I participated in “Quit India Movement”. Furthermore, as a Truth loving Indian citizen and as a disciple of Gandhiji I participated in Sathyagraha for lifting the ban imposed upon R. S. S. And some Hindu organizations by the Government of India in 1948 and was in jail for a few months until the ban was lifted.
Histrionic activities I have been a dramatist with inborn talents and acted in several stage dramas in leading roles along with Ballari Raghava, Madhavapeddy Venkata Ramaiah, Pisapati, Mukkamala, Prayaga, Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao and several other famous actors. I acted as Shajahan in ‘Dvijendralal’s Shajahan’, as Duryodhana in ‘Droupadi Mana Samrakshana’ and ‘Pandava Vudyogam’, Harischandra in the drama ‘Harischandra’, as Hiranyakasyap in ‘Prahlada’, as Yugandhar in ‘Prathapa Rudreeyam’, as Karna in ‘Veerabhimanya’, Ghatodgaja in ‘Subhadra arjuneeyam’, Thripuranthakudu in ‘Rani Rudrama’, Maha Rana Pratap in ‘Mevada Sawryagni’, as Diliver Khan in ‘Durgadas’, as Srikrishna in ‘Ratna Panchalika’, as Dhushyantha in ‘Shakunthala’, as Ravana in ‘Pridhvi Putri’, as Akbar in ‘Anarkali’, as Chanakya in ‘Chandra Gupta’, as Brahmanaidu in ‘Sahapankthi’, as Bhanumurthy in ‘Just A Peg’. As an outstanding actor, I participated in 470 plays broadcast from All India Radio stations of Madras and Vijayawada.
After retirement from Government service After retirement from Government service, being re-tyred into Divine service, I settled down in Putaparti, the abode of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and started Dr. Rao’s Ayurveda and Yoga Centre, and have been treating the needy with Ayurvedic System of medicine.
My father and Guru I am the eldest son of Sri. Nadakuduru Kameswara Sarma, M.A., L.T. and Srimathy. Venkata Lakshmamma, my parents. The achievements to my credit are due to the loving guidance, training and encouragement given by my father and Guru, who is an institution by himself. He worked as a teacher in Guntur and Krishna districts. In the Jeevitha katha (Biography) of Kameswara Sarma one of his students, Sri. N.S.N. Jawaharlal B.Sc., M.A., (Lit) L.L.B. (Spl.) D.C.J., Principal, English Orientation School, Vijayawada, says, “Salutations to Sarma who was a post-graduate both in English literature and Mathematics could have become an official, as was his first offer in the revenue department, has not gone that way, but chose the Education department and became a teacher out of reverence and love for teaching profession. A piece of chalk in his fast-fingers, the buoyancy of expression coupled with eloquence of his silver tongue used to make even the hard riders of pythogorous or the philosophical “Hamlet” of Shakespeare, humble to the student’s ready-grasp. He was an outstanding teacher of his generation (1920-1950) in the hearts of his innumerable disciples; Sarma ever lives as the most uncommon teacher. Salutations and adorations to the renowned teacher Nadakuduru Kameswara Sarma”. Another student by name Sri. C.V.S. Ramakrishna, M.A., B.L., Advocate, founder and president; Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa Ashram and Sri Trishakthi Peetam, Machilipatnam, hailed “My Guru Sarmaji is “THE HERO AS A TEACHER” on par with “The Hero as a prophet” and “The Hero as a poet” of the great Essayist Carlyle”. I too was his student in my High School career. It’s indeed my poorva janma sukrutham to have born as his son and student too.
A.P. State Govt. Retired Employees’ Association I am happy that I am a member of A.P. State Govt. Retired Employees’ Association and proud with its untiring activities and efforts to safe guard the interests and welfare of its members who are all senior citizens. They are all indeed very fortunate.
Bharath Pensioners Samaj Now that I have come in contact with Bharath Pensioners Samaj (BPS). I feel very happy and promise that I will endeavour to raise myself up to the heights setup by this great organization, which is concerned with the welfare of the pensioners all over the world.